I care and I am working hard for you!

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I care and I am working hard for you!

My priority as Councillor is working with residents and city staff to ensure that our city services and facilities continue to deliver to the exceptional level expected by residents, from youth to seniors, balanced with reasonable property taxes.

For years my wife and I have worked hard to raise a family, own a home and pay our property taxes in Pickering.  Like you, we recognize the value of a dollar and we expect the money collected from our property taxes to be spent fairly and efficiently.  We also recognize the value of having a good community in which to work, live, play and raise a family.

During the last term, I have had a perfect Council attendance record, the lowest Council expenses, and the highest Councillor grade in the annual News Advertiser’s Council Report Cards.

I spend a lot of time working on the small but important matters like neighbourhood safety, safe playground equipment, traffic concerns and sidewalks.  I am always available to residents, and when contacted, I do my upmost to provide a quick response.

I bring extensive career and Council experience to the table in numerous matters including planning, budgeting and environmental protection.


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